Stuff About Me


Hello there, I’m Steph!  Here are some things to know about me and my blog:

1. I’m a 20-something gal into the whole paleo/real food lifestyle.  This blog is my outlet for talking about that passion.

2. Yes, I know…I’m kinda a dork.

3. I’m from the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  Paleo resources around here are growing, but we ain’t no California.  I’ll be sharing local events and finds!

4. I am in no way, shape, or form a “paleo-perfectionist.”  Nutrition challenges (21dsd, whole 30, etc.) are wonderful, but the majority of the time I shoot for balance.

5. I love the Lord. A lot of my conscience around eating real food comes from the convictions I believe God has given me about nourishing the bodies he has blessed us with, fighting against the gluttony that permeates American culture, and taking the time to appreciate his good creation – food!

6. I’m not much of a photographer, but I sure love taking pictures.

7. Frankly, I think I’m hilarious.



2 thoughts on “Stuff About Me

  1. I absolutely LOVE spaghetti but hate the bloated “ugh I ate too much” feeling that goes with it! Tonight we are enjoying spaghetti with spaghetti squash instead of noodles made from wheat + 40 other ingredients! Now we have just a few ingredients in our tummies, and none of that icky feeling! I enjoy perusing through your blog! I like to be paleoesque when we can! (or remember)

    1. That’s awesome! I don’t really like to eat spaghetti squash straight up, but I love baked spaghetti squash + marinara dishes. I actually just had some today myself! Grassfed beef and pepperoni baked into the dish, and it froze really well! YUM! I know there are probably a ton of similar recipes out there, but once I can test the measurements and make it again, I’m gonna post the recipe on the blog. So look for that in hopefully the next month!! 🙂

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