Whole Life Challenge

New challenge starting today!  I heard Stacy Toth on her podcast talking about the Whole Life Challenge awhile back, and it kind of stuck with me until I was ready to give it a go myself.  The Whole Life Challenge is a balanced and holistic approach to good health, but, it’s also a game.  You get daily points for daily habits: nutrition, exercise, mobility (stretching), hydration, sleep, lifestyle practices, and reflection.

The nutrition plan for WLC has several levels but all are basically a paleo way of eating.  While the other areas are an all-or-nothing thing, you can earn up to 5 points a day for nutrition.  BUT, if you eat something “non-compliant” (i.e., chocolate or bread or something) you lose one point. The goal is to obviously earn all five points every day, but I like the little bit of flexibility that WLC has for slip ups or special occasions…or when you just really need some chocolate.

I spent about two hours meal planning today for the next couple of weeks.  Now that I am feeding my husband (and my step-son on weekends), I think detailed meal planning (and sticking to it) will be key to success.  I’m planning to batch cook things for my breakfasts on weekends or have oatmeal, and all dinners will be paleo & WLC compliant.  I’ll take dinner leftovers, salads, or soups that I’ve pre-made and frozen for lunches, and my husband can have non-paleo sandwiches for his lunches.  Some things on the menu the next few weeks: balsamic braised short ribs, carnitas, beef burgundy (that I already made and froze), leek and mushroom stuffed chicken breasts, rosemary lamb, bacon wrapped guacamole chicken…ain’t no sissy “diet” diet, yo!

I want to be successful at this challenge to get back on the good health wagon, hopefully lose some post-wedding weight, and to learn how to balance valuing my health and myself.  Feeding good, real food to my carb-and-cheese-loving-but-vegetable-hating boys can be tricky, but, I do love to cook.  Finding time to exercise as much as I did when I was single is impossible but if I can get 3-4 good workouts in a week – that’ll be a success.  And the other exercise points can be earned by doing 10 minutes every day – I’ll have to time how long it takes to do the flights of stairs at work.  Luckily, my husband does greatly value sleep so a 9:00 bedtime shouldn’t be too difficult most nights :).

Bring on the next two months =).  I’ll try to share some recipes and reflections along the way.


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