First paleo thanksgiving wrap-up!

I just put my first batch of turkey bone broth into the slow cooker, since my freezer was quite literally overflowing with bones.  Breaking the back bone to get more bones to fit into my little crockpot reminded me of when I was carving the turkeys for my family on Thursday, sleeves all rolled up and ripping as much meat as I could off those birds with my bare hands.  My sister kept telling me that I looked cute…and my mother and grandmother stood nearby, jaws dropped because their former “ew meat is gross” daughter/granddaughter pretty much rocked thanksgiving for all this year.  My sister reminded me too as I was rubbing my bird all over with butter that a few years ago, I could barely touch raw meat without gagging.  I’ve come a long way…high fives for me.

                                                               The brining and baking process for my bird!

The funnest part of this thanksgiving was honestly that my very S.A.D (standard american diet) family seemed to love everything that I had prepared.  It felt like my year-ish of paleo living had paid off in a whole other way than just for my personal health.  Plus, the next day my aunt sent me a really nice facebook message saying that she is neither for nor against the paleo diet, but I looked like the healthiest person in the room so I was obviously doing something right.  That comment, plus all the encouragement from family on how well the food turned out, made me feel really good about my lifestyle choices.

For my turkey, I used the Roasted Brined Turkey recipe from Danielle Walker’s Thankful ebook. It. Was. Fabulous!  Brining rules.  I also did the Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Diane Sanfilippo’s Healthy Holiday Cookbook, that you can still get for free when you subscribe to her email list here!  For desserts, I made dark chocolate coconut truffles from Nom Nom Paleo (YUM.) and Danielle Walker’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies.  I always get a little nervous when I bring “paleo treats” to share with non-paleo people, since I know my taste buds are a little different, but again – people really seemed to like them. Great success!!

We of course also did standard mashed potatoes and standard marshmallow-y sweet potatoes (and I may have thrown a brief hissy fit at the store having to buy canned sweet potatoes as the ALLLL have corn syrup in them. I didn’t eat those, but it still irritated me).  Plus standard pies and green bean casserole brought by other family members of course.  But  it was EASY for me to stick to my paleo-friendly wares!  Who needs pie when I you have chocolate truffles!?

I’m grateful for many things this year un-related to paleo stuff, but I am truly grateful to those in the paleo-sphere for all I am continuing to learn about cooking and health.  Now to find a yummy soup recipe for the broth that I am beginning to smell =).



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