Whole 30 (Round Two), Day 23: One Week To Go…

Seven. More. Days. Of. This.

Not gonna lie, the week was HARD. Busy-ness + personal stress + work stress = cravings and crabbiness, and yes I admit (GASP) I had some slips. Cream in tomato bisque soup from noodles and company when I ate out with co-workers, some half and half in coffee at Starbucks, wine at a friend’s bridal shower, mindlessly grabbing samples at whole foods…what can I say, I’m not perfect. Though a few of these slips were accidental and a few were my conscious choice – this time I decided to just press on and not totally re-start. Maybe that’s against the rules, whatever. The paleo police can come and haul me off to ancestral health jail.

So maybe I won’t see full results since I’m not following the strict elimination diet guidelines of the program (example: I have seen pretty much no change in my psoriasis, which I was hoping this would help with). But, I am not planning to return to just eating whatever now that the whole 30 is done. I’m still planning to eat “paleo” or whatever, eating a nutrient-dense diet full of whole foods. I’m not going to follow the re-introduction plan because I have no desire to eat gluten and very little desire to eat dairy anymore, as those few small exposures to dairy I had this past week really upset my system.

I’m determined though to finish my final week STRONG. Have some good recipes planned for the week and I’m going to push through to the end. Then…I’m drinking wine and making paleo cookies. #YES.

Diane, She Knows.

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