Whole 30 (Round Two), Day 15: I just want a bleeping paleo muffin.

My list of “I need to make this when I’m done with my whole 30” keeps growing and growing. I also keep thinking about how if I had stayed on track the first time, I would be done by now and could have a stinking paleo cookie. Just 15 more days…kinda feels like forever.

While I’m doing my very best to keep on trucking with my Whole 30, there have been some fabulous looking treat recipes circulating in the paleo-sphere lately.  I thought I would dedicate a blog post to sharing some of my favorites that I’ve been seeing. And, these are CERTAINLY in order of their perceived deliciousness to me:

Click photos to view the recipe!

1. Danielle Walker of Against All Grain’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Vanilla Cinnamon Icing
This is an almond flour based recipe with a small amount of coconut flour, which fluffs them up a bit. They are sweetened with either raw maple syrup or honey.  The thing that looks and sounds the most delicious about these is the frosting: raw honey, coconut butter, coconut milk, butter, cinnamon, and vanilla beans.  YUM.

2. Stacy Toth of Paleo Parents’ Autumn “Breakfast Cake”
Stacy was talking about this on the Paleo View podcast yesterday. It looks so moist and bready, good ‘ol comfort food. But it also has vegetables in it – zucchini and carrots! Apples, raisins, and pistachios are also thrown into the mix – sounds delish! The cinnamon role shaped pan that she used to get the above shape looks like so much fun, but the special pan is like $40 on Amazon. And I’m sure if I were to order it, the mailman would deliver it to my crabby neighbor’s apartment…as most things I order from the internet end up.

3. Primal Palate’s Grain Free Skillet Apple Pear Crisp

Apples. Pears. And small amounts of a buncha other stuff to make the topping.  This has all the same ingredients that are in the apple crumble from the 21 Day Sugar Detox (which is basically granny smith apples, almond flour, lemon juice, coconut oil, cinnamon etc.), which I’ve made before and enjoyed. But this recipe also has ginger, allspice, cardamom, tapioca starch…really interested particularly by the ginger, wonder if that will give it almost a chai tea-like flavor.

4. Diane Sanfilippo’s of Balanced Bites’ Gingerbread Spice Coffee

Everyone’s probably seen those pictures floating around facebook about “what’s really in the pumpkin spice latte…?” The answer is a whole lotta crap.  This concoction sounds like a yummy alternative treat!

5. Julie Bauer of PaleOMG’s Protein Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
I’ll end with something both pumpkin-y AND chocolate-y!  The only thing that is a little different about this recipe is it calls for a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Julie recommends a particular brand, but no way am I buying a whole dang thing of whey protein for a cookie recipe. I have some chocolate shakeology in my cubbord right now…wonder if that would work?  I think they would turn out fine without the protein powder at all though.

Now I’m hungry. Better have some bacon for dinner!


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