Recipe Review: Danielle Walker’s Peruvian-Style Chicken from Meals Made Simple

I’m sure that all the legit food bloggers make a recipe several times before blogging about it.  Gotta make sure the end result tastes good, take time to get quality photos (clear of additional debris in their kitchen), and make sure they’ve done everything correctly….well, not me. I don’t have time for all that. I made this recipe for the very first time last night and now I’m gonna tell you about it. What you see here is what I got. And if you look closely enough, you just might see my toes and my kitchen sink in the photos.

But, even though I had never made it before, I had a good feeling that this recipe for Peruvian-Style Chicken would be a solid choice. Everything I’ve made so far from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple has been delish!! Plus sweet potatoes, chicken, sweet onions, cumin, and paprika…how could this go wrong!?


First is the spice rub for the chicken.  Mix up Paprika, Cumin, Salt, and Pepper.


Add some olive oil.


Lemon juice!  Always just squeeze a lemon, none of that jar business.


Few cloves of garlic.  Recipe calls for three.  I think I popped for at least five.


Couple tablespoons of white vinegar. I used white balsamic vinegar, as that’s what I had. Same thing…right?  (Probably not. Meh.)


Last ingredient in the rub: dried oregano.


Mix er up!



Time for the chicken. Recipe calls for using a whole chicken, cut into parts.  I’m cooking for one and wanted this dish to last for about two meals, so I used used a few legs and one breast.


Rub the spice rub all over!



Now for the rest of the dish.  Veggie time!!


Sweet potatoes!


Yellow peppers!


Sweet yellow onion!


More olive oil, salt, and pepper atop the veggies – as you please!  Dump in pan…


I quickly realized as I was chopping my veggies that I probably needed a larger pan…#CookingForOneProblems.

Additionally at this point, I realized that I had not completely read the recipe, which said to put the veggies on the bottom and the chicken on the top.  So I just used a tongs to dig out the chicken and put it on top. (Rocket science, I know.)


Cooking time!  Let roast for 20 minutes (at 425) and then stir.  I took the chicken out to stir the veggies well.


30-40 more minutes in the oven til suppertime!


My end result was pretty darn tasty! This dish had a very unique taste, like nothing I think I’ve ever had before. Almost reminded me of korean food, though I have not had korean food for years…so I might not know what I’m talking about there. But it has a smoky, yet also slightly sweet & sour taste.  You can definitely taste the nodes of citrus plus the yellow peppers and onions, sweetening the dish a bit. But combined with the paprika and cumin, it’s unique kick. The taste is so distinct and strong that I don’t think I could eat this several days in a row without getting sick of it. So, while this is not a recipe I would binge cook to eat all week, it’s definitely something tasty and different to enjoy!  And, whole 30 friendly!!  Can’t beat that.

Danielle Walker’s Peruvian-Style Chicken

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