Whole Thirty (Round Two), Day Three: HANGRY.

I’m convinced that re-starting the Whole 30 is more difficult than mustering up the willpower to keep going when temptation is wearing heavily.  I declared I was going to re-start on Thursday this week, but that didn’t end up happening.  Treats in the office kitchen and insisting that I had to help my friend finish a bottle of wine got the best or worst of me, depending on your perspective.  I despaired for a moment, but then found the magic button in the Whole 30 daily emails that starts the emails over if you “made some bad choices.”  I’m committed to read those emails in their entirely every day now, because a) I paid $15 for the additional support, and b) Spending 10 minutes to read and meditate on the content even just these past three days has been really helpful for staying on track.  And I definitely don’t want to have to use the magic reset button on day 15 of round two, because then I’m going to be doing this thing foreeeeeeever.  I am NOT re-starting again.

But I have to say, I was a little annoyed today opening up my email to this image:

                                                    Yeah, it still looks yummy in the dirt.  

I get the point they were trying to make about food grief (and moving on from it).  But, I grumbled at the sight of this little pink demon because I have been fighting the sugar monster all day today.  I work at home on Mondays so luckily no one had to experience my grumpy, but I was flat out throwing brain tantrums for sure.  My tantrums interestingly didn’t consist of “WHY AM I DOING THIS” though, it was actually more: “WHY IS THIS SO DANG HARD!?!”  And for some freakish reason, had no fruit in my apartment except bananas so I really was in sugar withdrawal.  I was totally hangry (hungry+ angry) all day.

Thankfully, I didn’t let my mood and seeming lack of energy keep me from going to Turbo Kick.  Helps that I had a friend date expecting me to show up :).  But, this definitely happened at the trusty local County Market right before my class:

Fruit in a shopping basket
                                                     Impulsive fruit purchase…

Now I guess I have fruit.  And though I almost let the hangry keep me away from my workout, I’m of course glad I went because I burned almost 900 calories in an hour.  Guess I had some hidden energy to get out!  That’s a positive of becoming more fat adapted; you don’t experience the energy surges and crashes of exclusively using carbs and sugar for energy.  And now tonight, I feel amazing.  The endorphins combined with seeing my two friends, who both told me I looked like I’ve already lost weight (and who doesn’t LOVE to hear that!?) = feeling AWESOME and MOTIVATED and INSPIRED to keep on kicking this Whole 30 in the teeth!!!

Today’s lesson: Push through hangry.  It doesn’t deserve to win.  And when you can get to the other side, you can eat massive amounts of sweet potato fries.

                                                                        DINNERTIME! #YUM.

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