Whole Thirty, Day Fifteen: Paleo Perfection Day!


I made a little “ode to my day” here because I am pretty dang proud of all my meals today.  I worked at home so I used my extra time this morning not driving or showering to cook up sweet potato hash and topped with an egg.  For lunch I whipped up the tuna lettuce wraps from the Paleo Approach cookbook (no mayo, yay!!).  For dinner (after rocking it in R.I.P.P.E.D at the gym, I must say) I blackened some chicken in coconut oil and made some cilantro lime cauli rice.  #YUM!

And guess what – IT WASN’T THAT HARD!  If I were making these same meals on a normal work day, I could cut the veggies and boil the potatoes for the hash the night before to save time in the AM.  The tuna wrap lunch could totally be assembled at work; I could just toss all the ingredients into a tupperware, cut up the avocado and mix the tuna at work. Dinner didn’t take too long to make either, maybe about 30-45 minutes total, and I always get antsy to eat after I work out hard in the evening because it’s usually like 8 by the time I eat if I’m going to cook a whole meal (versus leftovers or something).  It does take more time and planning to eat paleo and healthy, but the pride you feel knowing that you took the time to nourish your body and to make things with your own hands and heart makes it worth it.

The only downside is that now I have a kitchen full of dirty dishes that aren’t going to wash themselves.  The next apartment I rent MUST have a dishwasher.


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