Whole Thirty, Day Eleven: How Much Longer Is This Gonna Be Anyway?

I have a headache.  And I still want to kill all the things, though according to the timeline, that feeling was to have passed by day five.  I’m dreaming about mocha drinks at Caribou.  And, I’m craving everything horribly delicious: wine, candy, nachos…just plain ‘ol butter.

BUT, I’m pushing through.  I’ve had a few “slips” at work functions where I had to eat lunch or dinner with the group, but even in those times, I tried to make the most compliant choices I could make.  So even though the program tells you to not even consider the possibility of a slip, I don’t care.  That’s not realistic.  Not excusing slips at all, I respect the Whole 30 program guidelines and will try to stay as compliant as possible.  I am doing way better at this than any other nutrition challenge I’ve done thus far, and I AM going to push through until the end.

Yes Joey.  Point taken.
Yes Joey. Point taken.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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