Whole Thirty, Day One: Why The Heck Am I Doing This?

IMG_3001I was going to try another round of the 21 Day Sugar detox in September, just by myself and the new online resources released this year.  But a couple days before I was going to start, a friend asked me if I wanted to do a Whole 30 with her.  So knowing full well that I would have a friend kicking my butt all along the way, I decided to shift gears and go for it.

I was interested in doing a Whole 30 for similar reasons to the 21 DSD.  But, I admit, I have NOT successfully completed a challenge this restrictive before.  I’ve attempted the 21 DSD twice now and have not stuck with it either time.  The first time was a disastrous new years resolution (last year, beginning of 2014).  I lasted 5 or 6 days before I totally gave up.  So, I’m not sure that even counts.  The second time I was more successful, making it a fairly solid two weeks and struggling to get on track throughout the final week.  That time I was apart of a facebook group with people I didn’t really know who were all doing it together, which helped me be more successful.

As I started to read “It Starts with Food” to prepare for my Whole 30 and read through the “rules” on the Whole 30 website, I was excited that I could still have fruit and sweet potatoes on Whole 30!  But no dairy…at all!?  Not even butter?  And no paleo-fying food?  It’s fall!  Guess the pumpkin pancakes and apple crumble will have to wait until mid-October.  Plus, having to meticulously read labels to make sure there’s no sugar…that’s a lot of work.  And trying to lose weight without counting calories or stepping on the scale!?  Well, that just defies modern american woman logic.

My Whole 30 Meal Plan for Week One!
My Whole 30 Meal Plan for Week One!  Weekends are open for leftovers and improvisation.

But, I really want to have a positive and committed experience with this Whole 30.  I think it will be good for me in a lot of ways, besides just (hopefully) some weight loss.  And here is why:

1.  Food is great, but it’s still just food.  I don’t want to bow down to worship ANYTHING but God.  So if I can’t go 30 days without a cookie or a glass of wine…what does that say about what I’m really living for?

2.  Sugar and carbs are total trigger foods for me.  It never ends with “just a bite!”

3.  Everyone says that a paleo diet can help with both psoriasis and cramps.  I have/get both, sometimes to an unbearable degree.  I have yet to experience eating “paleo” significantly improve either.  But, I also haven’t been consistent in eliminating all processed food, grains, dairy, refined sugar, etc., so perhaps doing a strict elimination diet will help jump start healing from these issues, and help me determine if certain foods are more/less helpful as I start to re-add them post-whole 30.

4.  Honestly, the booze and I need a break.  We had a define the relationship conversation last week, and I realized that what we had going on is pretty one sided.

I’m excited about taking this on right now, but sooner or later (whether it’s next week or tomorrow) – it will get hard and obnoxious and I will ask myself “why the heck am I doing this again!?”  So now I have this blog post to come back to and remind myself of my reasons.  I’m determined to make it a whole 30 days and successfully complete a nutrition challenge for the first time EVER.  We will see how it goes!

Whole 30 Meal Planning!
Whole 30 Meal Planning.

And I’ll surely have to share some of my favorite recipes here as I go along :).


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